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Combining the needs of outdoor electricity load and large-capacity energy storage for outdoor camping,

Portable solar panel---Hi Power Series

SUNGOLD customized and developed a portable high-power solar panel Hi-Power series, which is a high-efficiency, foldable, and lightweight solar panel.

Suitable for high power energy storage

Suitable for high-power energy storage

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Easy to use 1

Easy to use

High conversion rate 2

High conversion rate

Hi-Power Series Product Selection Table

ImageProduct NameModelSolar cellCells EfficiencyUnfold DimensionFold DimensionWeight
 Sungold®Hi-Power4*100W Folding Solar PanelHi-Power 4*100w166 mono solar cells22.62%2188*987*25mm987*547*90mm12.4kg
 Sungold®HI-power4*110W folding Solar KitHi-Power 4*110W166 mono solar cells22.62%2188*1072*22.5mm1072*547*90mm13.36kg
 Sungold®Hi-Power3*100W Folding Solar PanelHi-Power3*100w166 mono solar cells22.62%1640*987*25mm987*547*70mm9.5kg
 Sungold®Hi-Power2*100W Folding Solar PanelHi-Power2*100w166 mono solar cells22.62%1095*987*25mm987*547*50mm6.15kg

Product Description

Sungold Hi-Power Series foldable Solar Panel is a high-efficiency, foldable solar panel that comes in a stylish and convenient carrying bag that can be easily carried with the help of the handle. It is suitable for high-power application scenarios such as off-grid home, RVs, commercial vehicles, boats, outdoor camping, and outdoor emergency situations.


The overall weight of HI-POWER solar panels is more than 30% lighter than that of solar panels of the same power. The use of patented materials specially developed by SUNGOLD greatly reduces the weight of the solar panel. Eliminate the dependence of solar panels on PCB-like support plates.

for high-power energy storage

HI-POWER solar panels are specially designed for high-power energy storage and have excellent adaptability to high-power energy storage. More power consumption needs of more users can be met

High conversion rate

HI-POWER solar panels use the latest monocrystalline silicon solar cells and employ multi-layer cell technology, making them the highest quality. The conversion efficiency is as high as 23%, which is much higher than other products of the same type.

Easy to use

Because of its excellent design and complete power. Therefore, there is no need to make complicated connections, and it can be used with a simple line, avoiding the trouble of other products requiring multiple solar charging bags to be connected and used to charge an energy storage. It greatly reduces the cost of use for customers.


Off-grid home, RV, commercial vehicle, boat, outdoor camping, outdoor emergency, etc.


 SUNGOLD -The solar product portfolio ensures maximum flexibility to meet all your energy needs


Sungold®Hi-Power400W Folding Solar Panel

Brand: Sungold
Cells Efficiency :22.6%
Unfold Dimension: 2188*987*25mm
Fold Dimension: 987*547*90mm
Weight: 12.4kg


Sungold®Hi-Power300W Folding Solar Panel

Brand: Sungold
Cells Efficiency :22.6%
Unfold Dimension: 1640*987*25mm
Fold Dimension: 987*547*70mm
Weight: 9.5kg


Sungold®Hi-Power200W Folding Solar Panel

Brand: Sungold
Cells Efficiency :22.62%
Unfold Dimension: 1095*987*25mm
Fold Dimension: 987*547*50mm


Sungold’s comprehensive panel portfolio ensures maximum flexibility to address all of your energy needs.


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